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  • How much time do you spend at each pet sitting visit?
    We spend the amount of time that is necessary to do the visit properly. That usually consist of 30 minutes. We often need to spend more time for multiple pets and special needs animals.  back to top

  • What do you consider "last-minute notice"?
    Less than 48 for most cases, but less than 72 for major holidays.  back to top

  • What is the pre-visit initial consultation?
    Before we can care for your pets, we need to come out introduce ourselves to the pets, see where everything is, get the paperwork filled out, get two sets of keys, and be sure we are properly prepared to care for your pets.  back to top

  • Why do you need two sets of keys?
    Occasionally, the unexpected happens and we need to ensure we can have the pets cared for no matter what. Therefore, we ask for two sets. We keep one locked up and one is taken by the sitter.  back to top

  • May I give my pet sitter a gratuity?
    Yes! If you feel your sitter has done an exceptional job. All tips go directly to the pet sitter and are greatly appreciated!  back to top

  • You said the monthly mid-day dog walking contract does NOT include federally recognized holdays. What if I need my dog to be walked anyway?
    You can schedule your dog to be walked on those days and pay the single dog walk fee.  back to top

  • Why should I use a pet sitter instead of a kennel?
    Pets are happier and experience less stress at home. Their diet and exercise routines are uninterrupted, travel trauma for both owner and pet is eliminated, and pet's exposure to illness is minimized. Therefore, an in-home professional pet sitter's care provides added peace of mind.  back to top

  • What type of animals do you consider to be "exotic"?
    We will care for almost any type of pet. We have experience with small mammals, birds, iguanas, lizards, pot-bellied pigs, rabbits, ferrets, and many others!   back to top

  • What days are not included in the monthly mid-day dog walking contract?
    New Year's day, Martin Luther King day, President's day, Inauguration Day, Memorial day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran's day, Thanksgiving, Christmas eve, and Christmas day and any other Federal days off (i.e. if Federal Government closes for snow)   back to top


Critter Care Pet Sitting
Mclean, Virginia 22101
Phone: 703-409-7387
Cell Phone: 703-409-PETS

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